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- Press Release -

The product version of software"X21" which sets the cellular phone of Java correspondence to PDA is announced. (2001.03.12)

SkyArts announced the product version of software"X21" (X two one:X to 1) which sets the cellular phone of Java correspondence to PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) on March 12, 2001.

X21 of the product version has two kinds, the MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) version and the i-appli version of NTT DoCoMo, now. As soon as preparation of distribution is completed, I start distribution for pay. In addition, as soon as preparation of distribution of Java products(Cube, Cube2, Cube2 Plus, Cube3, Orb(Unpublished product), Reversi, Poker Machine) for cellular phones other than X21 is completed, I start distribution for pay.

- About X21 -
X21 is the software developed by MIDP and i-appli of Java specification for cellular phones, and has a clock, an address book, a computer, a schedule table, a memo pad, and six functions of ToDo.
Since each function is module-ized and it operates independently for every function, it is possible to download and use only a required function. By this module-ization, the terminal with few storage capacities can also choose and use a function.
Each function can be used, without caring about the worries and time of maintenance management of communication cost, a communication trouble, and a server etc. which are the problem of Web application entirely, in order to complete only by the cellular phone. (The product page of X21)

The company which wishes business deployment, customize, etc. with X21 is looked for.

Please send the inquiry about these Press Releases, the SkyArts itself, a product, etc. to the address here.

- About -
SkyArts is the company of the expert group of Java. It is engaged in the soft development by various Java, such as Applet and Servlet, etc., and consulting and software development are heard.
It is trying hard every day for the purpose of development of Java application which is valid for the world, and Java contents development for a cellular phone and PDA is concentrated on especially now.
location:Saitama, Japan.

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