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X21(X to 1) is "Software which can use the Java compliant cellular phone as PDA(Personal Digital Assistant). "

It comes to be able to use the Java compliant cellular phone always carried about as PDA machine by putting "X21" (X to 1) in the cellular phone.
Therefore, the machine only for PDA need not be carried about. This is software of a suitable in the new century idea.

Six functions (the clock, the address book, the calculator, the schedule table, the note pad, and ToDo) are provided in X21 now. Each function is modulated, and operates independently in each function. As a result, it is possible to use it by downloading only a necessary function. Moreover, it comes to be able to use it by this advantage by selecting the function to use even with the terminal with few memory capacities.

Each function can be used, without caring about the worries and time of maintenance management of communication cost, a communication trouble, and a server etc. which are the problem of Web application entirely, in order to complete only by the cellular phone.
In addition, the preservation form of data has adopted simple XML. It has come to be able to do customize easily by this.

When distributing PDA special-purpose machine to all employees is considered, since expense starts too much, it is not realistic. However, it is realistic solution to distribute X21 or X21 customized to all employees. I think that the advantage which can use schedule management etc. is large, without caring about communication charges only with the cellular phone along which has the direction of the operating job with many areas around, a direction with many business trips, etc. usually, and he walks. PDA special-purpose machine is not required any longer!

The new functional image viewer was added. (2001.06.17)

I will wait for the report from the enterprise which wants to do the business with SkyArts in relation to X21 now.
1.PIM soft maker who wants to be synchronization of X21 with data and use it
2.Cellular phone maker who hopes for pre-install
3.Enterprise which hopes for distribution of X21 because it applies advertisement to X21.

4.Enterprise which wants to customize X21, distribute to employee, and use it in-house.
5.Maker who wants to install X21 in digital camera and car-navigating equipment, etc. besides cellular phone.

Schedule for the future:
1.Addition of synchronous function of communication function and another terminal.
2.An addition of a new functional module.

Main menu



Schedule table


Address book

Memo pad

Input the memo.


Input the ToDo

Image Viewer

Input the name &

PNG file is
and displayed
from specified

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