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(for iPhone / iPod touch)

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- About this application -

This application is the image editing application that can scratch a photograph or a picture.

First, set the layer of upper and bottom. And an upper layer comes to have been scratched when rubbed a screen with a finger.
Can make the following pictures.

  • The picture which scratched.
  • The picture which wrote a text to the clouded windowpane with a finger.
  • The picture which stacked the filter of a color or the image.

The combinations of the layer are as follows.

  • Color and Color
  • Image and Color
  • Color and Image
  • Image and Image

The upper layer can appoint "Opacity".
Its approaches transparently when lower the opacity. Can give the effect that put a semitransparent photograph and picture, the filter of the color when use this function.

- About "Picratch" -
It is the words that merged "Scratch" with "Picture"! ;-)

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