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(for Android)

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The access in the Store application is here.


- About this application -

This app is a new type easy memo app with a built-in multi-function text editor.

Equipped with the following functions in addition to the basic memo function.
You can try in various ways depending on the idea!

  • Advanced text editing features
  • Import a text file
  • Export notes to a text file
  • Backup to the specified location all notes
  • The ability to send the text of the memo to external application. (mailers, text editor, such as cloud storage app)

Text editor function is a compact version that refine the functionality of the "SkyArts Editor" of the multi-function text editor application.
Text editing capabilities of high-performance, "SkyArts Editor" as a result, you can use it as you feel and operation.

Built-in file management function has become a compact version of the "NeoFiler" (multi-functional and easiest file management).

This application can use the following functions.

  • Memo
    • Create / Delete
    • Filter by Search
    • Output to a file (export)
    • Backup all notes to a text file
    • Reading a text file (import)
    • Sent to the external application the text of the memo (Cooperation with external applications)
  • Text editor function
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Select text.
    • Can do Undo/Redo endlessly.
    • The cursor position appointment by the cursor pointer.
    • Drag and drop the selected text.
    • Move the cursor with the cursor buttons.
    • Jump to line.
    • A text search, replace.(Can use regular expressions)
    • Operation by the shortcut key.
    • Display a tab character, a full size space, a line feed in particular.
    • Line number, charactor position indication.
    • Insert a string date / time.
    • Convertion to uppercase / lowercase.
    • Conversion to full width / half width chars.
    • Conversion to full width / half width Japanese KANA.
    • Insert tab charactor function.
  • Content that can be configured with a text editor
    • Detailed color appointment. (Text, Background, Cursor, Cursor line background, Selected text, Selected text background, Line break charactor, Tab charactor, Full size space)
    • A font change.
    • Text size.
    • Brightness
    • Tab indent
    • Indication / non-indication change of the tool bar and status bar.
    • An indication point change of the tool bar. (Upper or Bottom)
    • The key of shortcut key
    • Function call can be specified in the operation of a simple touch.
    • Insert text (can be set in order)
    • Margins on all sides.
  • The management capability of the file and the folder (Import / Export / Backup)
    • The editing of the file and the folder. (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete etc.)
    • Sort out items. (name order, last update order, size order)
    • The email attachment of the file.
    • Go to the folder with the bookmark feature registration.
    • Thumbnail images.


  • The handling of function number of times to Undo/Redo depends on the quantity of storage memory.

- Attention in the file operation -

As for the file except the SD card, edits are prohibited, and a system may not work when you edit it forcibly.
Because we do not guarantee it at all, please use it on a self-responsibility.

- Update infomation -

Version Update
  • Fixed an issue with the display icon in the file list screen.
  • First release.

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