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(for Android)

- About memo edit screen -

It is a screen that allows you to edit the text of the memo.

Text editor function is a compact version that refine the functionality of the "SkyArts Editor" of the multi-function text editor application.
Text editing capabilities of high-performance, "SkyArts Editor" as a result, you can use it as you feel and operation.

The first line is the title of the memo in the memo list screen automatically. In addition, the edited text is saved automatically. Therefore, there is no need to save manually.


- Main functions -

The main functions are as follows.

  • The editing of the text file.
    • Input text.
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Select text.
    • Can do Undo/Redo endlessly.
    • The cursor position appointment by the cursor pointer.
    • Drag and drop the selected text.
    • Move the cursor with the cursor buttons.
    • Jump to line.
    • A text search, replace.(Can use regular expressions)
    • Operation by the shortcut key.
    • Display a tab character, a full size space, a line feed in particular.
    • Line number, charactor position indication.
    • Character code automatic distinction.
    • Convert line break character.
    • Insert a string date / time.
    • Convertion to uppercase / lowercase.
    • Conversion to full width / half width chars.
    • Conversion to full width / half width Japanese KANA.
    • Insert tab charactor function.
    • Insert text input capability reduces time registered.
  • Settings
    • Detailed color appointment. (Text, Background, Cursor, Cursor line background, Selected text, Selected text background, Line break charactor, Tab charactor, Full size space)
    • A font change.
    • Text size.
    • Brightness
    • Tab indent
    • Indication / non-indication change of the tool bar and status bar.
    • An indication point change of the tool bar. (Upper or Bottom)
    • The key of shortcut key
    • Bookmarks (can be set in order)
    • Insert text (can be set in order)
    • Margins on all sides.


  • The handling of function number of times to Undo/Redo depends on the quantity of storage memory.

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