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Brighter Flash

(for Android)

- Screen light screen -

This screen is displayed when choose a screen light.
With this screen, brightness of the backlight, the operation of the color of the screen are possible.

- How to use -

Display a screen with brightness of set backlight, the color of the screen.
Use each menu which is displayed when pushed the menu key to change setting.

The screen upper part has the following button.
Button Function
Flash light
Change it to a LED flash light screen.

The following items are displayed when push the menu key.
Menu item Function

Can change brightness of the back-light.

Screen color
Can change the color of the screen.
Flash light
Change it to a LED flash light screen.

Display a help screen.

- About brightness -

There is a limit to the minimum of the brightness.
The reasons are as follows.

  • A screen blacks out, and operation is not possible
  • The OS may malfunction temporarily

- About screen color -

Because the color can appoint RGB( red, green, each value of blue) in the range of 0-255, you can set 16,777,216 colors or more theoretically.

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