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Brighter Flash

(for Android)

Can purchase this product now in Google Play Store(Android Market)
The access in the market application is here

"Brighter Flash Free" of the free copy version is downloadable.
The access in the market application is here

Note: The terminal is limited.

- About this application -

This application makes a terminal a simple flashlight!
The light uses LED flash light(stroboscopic) or the back-light of the screen.

This application can use the following functions.

  • Lighting / Lights out of the LED flash light
  • Lighting / blinking of the LED flash light
  • The change of the color of the LED stroboscopic light(White or Red)
  • Adjustment of the brightness of the backlight of the screen
  • The setting of the color of the screen

Will be usable in the following uses.

  • Light up the darkness
  • Look for a key-hole in darkness
  • Look for a lost article in a dark place
  • Use it for at the time of blackouts as a flashlight
  • Change the color of the screen and change a color of the light and make an atmosphere ;-)

In addition, you will have various how to use depending on a thought!

- About a support terminals -

Because they use expansion API of SHARP company for lighting of the LED flash light, as for this application, only the following models work.
(Japan model)

  • IS01
  • LYNX SH10B
  • IS03
  • LYNX SH03C
  • 003SH

- Screen shots -

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