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The Java game soft "Qube2" and "Qube2 Plus" for the cellular phone are announced. (2000.10.10) (Address:Japan) announces the Java game soft "Qube2" and "Qube2 Plus" for the cellular phone on October 10, 2000.
It was announced at the same time to have opened "Qube2" and "Qube2 Plus" of the MIDP(Mobile Information Device Profile) version which was the Java language specification for the cellular phone of the Sun Co. to the public.

"Qube2"and "Qube2 Plus" open to the public now are the game software for MIDP written in the Java language by which "Qube" open to the public the other day is followed.

It is scheduled to transplant "Qube", "Qube2", and "Qube2 Plus" for the cellular phone for Java as soon as the cellular phone of the Java correspondence is put on the market. will concentrate on the contents development of the game in the Java language for the cellular phone etc. in the future.
And, it is scheduled to develop the contents provider business for the world.

The game software of Java for the following cellular phone will shortly be an announcement schedule.

The contents provider enterprise which can offer contents of our game etc. is wanted.

- About - is an expert group of Java. It is involved in soft development by various Java etc.
It makes an effort aiming at the development of the Java application which passes to the world every day.

It is concentrating especially on the Java contents development for the cellular phone now.

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