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Dialog for Palm OS

Dialog for Palm OS is GUI component which operates on MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile).Since it optimizes to MIDP for PalmOS, and it has developed on the assumption that a touch panel, operation in environment other than MIDP for PalmOS has not been guaranteed.

There is none of the same convenient components as the dialog of PC in MIDP. And in case it creates a program, it is inconvenient. However, it is avoidable if this Dialog is used.

Dialog is intelligible also for a user. It can be conveniently used to development of a business application etc.
Moreover, since creation of the Dialog is carried out soon at the appearance of standard Palmware, it is user-friendly structure.

It can be very high with 2.0 to Dialog for cellular phones incompatible, and a version can use it similarly by the cellular phone or PalmOS by change of only the class which generates an instance.
Moreover, the color of the frame of 2.0 to Dialog can be changed now. A picture sample should look at Dialog page for cellular phones.

Now, there are the following kinds of Dialogs, and they can choose and use it for them.

  1. Info dialog
  2. Confirm dialog
  3. Error dialog
  4. Warning dialog

Moreover, a button set can be chosen now as a new trial. The kind of dialog and the kind of the following buttons can be chosen by this, and use in various scenes is attained.

  1. Yes, No, Cancel buttons
  2. Yes, No buttons
  3. Cancel button
  4. OK button

The main features of Dialog for PalmOS are as follows.

  1. "It corresponds to a touch panel."
  2. "It corresponds to a color."
  3. "It is structure of the appearance near the dialog used by general Palmware."
  4. "The kind of button can be chosen now in the form of a button set."
  5. "The character sequence of the title of a dialog can be changed now."

The customize request of "I want to attach the LOGO of our company", "I wanting to increase a button", "wanting to change a color", etc. is heard.

Product image
The following dialogs and the combination of a button are the examples of use. Combination can be changed by setup.

Info dialog
Yes, No, Cancel buttons

Confirm Dialog
Yes, No buttons

Error dialog
OK button


Warning dialog
Cancel button

It corresponds to a color.

- Download - (about 63KB) is downloaded -- please carry out un-compression and use for a suitable place
Classes required for development are the following six classes.

Since four PNG files under com.skyarts.midp.ui.palm are also required, please carry out packaging in the case of development, without fail.
Since the sample which becomes easy to use is also prepared together, please try by all means before purchase.

Classes required for development are three classes of com.skyarts.midp.ui.Dialog, com.skyarts.midp.ui.DialogListener, and com.skyarts.midp.ui.UIStringUtil.

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