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(for iPhone / iPad)

Known Issues

Note: The contents of the Text Editor screen, see the page of "Wrix".

Can not long press of the button at the bottom of the screen about 20px.

In order to also occur in the home screen and other apps, and has been judged problem of iOS.
It is a modification request in to report to Apple. It is a problem that you are experiencing from iOS7.

Not updated when import a file again from external app in import function.

This issue has been resolved in iOS 9 or later.

You can import a file from an external application from iOS8 or later, you have to also encounter problems that content is not updated to import again after you updated once the imported file in a different location.

Call such external application uses the functions provided by iOS, but the flow of the process has become in the following manner.
Note: This application does not mean being used by calling an external application directly.

  1. Instruct the import of files to iOS from this application.
  2. iOS is display a list of applications corresponding to the import of the file.
  3. User selects the app from the app list, and select a file.
  4. iOS creates a temporary file, and pass a URL to this application. (The contents of the file is not updated at this time)
  5. This application performs the import process based on the URL of the passed temporary file.

This application, but has a processing the file based on the URL of the temporary file is passed from iOS, content is not updated at the time of this temporary file.

As described above, it is an issue that a temporary file itself iOS to create in the middle has occurred for that has not been updated.
It is not a problem of this application itself.

Determined that the iOS own problems to create a temporary file, and is currently being modified request to report to Apple.

It is possible to receive the file from an external app using the transfer function of the file without using the import function.
Of course, need the external application has a transfer function of the file. If, it is also possible to return the file that you edited in this application to reverse the "Send To" in the work if it have a transfer function.

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