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(for iPhone / iPad)


Note: Currently, our iOS apps download, license purchase / restoration etc can not be done now.
If you keep using the app please do not delete the app itself. And make sure to back up the created file itself.

* Currently, the account has been restored, and the Wrix for iOS (Ultra-High-Functional Text Editor) is now available! (2021/10/09)

We will tell the background.
The App Review team of Apple has conducted a high frequency "cheat jobs" of 80% or more, and we issued an improvement request for that, our developer account was unjustly deleted. At the same time all the apps were deleted from the App Store. It is on 08th May, 2018.
We immediately filed an appeal stating that "the users (Students, Businesses, Handicap etc. advocated by Apple) is in trouble". However, after responding to dishonest faith that Apple completely ignored for 125 days, Apple got a reply saying "decision is valid." It seems that priority was given to "Concealment of cheat jobs" rather than "(Students, Businesses, Handicap etc. advocated by Apple) user trouble".
In the case of users with handicap in particular, it may be life-threatening, but Apple seems to have a higher priority for "Concealment of cheat jobs" than that.
By doing this, we can no longer register our account until least May 2019.

We transferred the rights of the apps to another person and tried distribute the apps from the transfer destination of the right. However, due to "copyright infringement", "intimidation", "malicious delay action" by Apple, the account was deleted without being able to do anything about the transfer of the right.
Since Apple unfairly dominates our iOS apps and interferes with the exercise of the right transfer destination, we requested to stop "copyright infringement" act, but it was ignored.
Apple seems to be unjustly disrupting its business and inevitably want to t"killt" us.
Since Apple's conduct is too malicious, we consult with a nation agency.

We sent an email to Apple's Tim Cook CEO saying "Users are in great trouble", but there is no reply. Apple doesn't seem to care if users are in trouble.

Wrix for Android is Now available for FREE on the Google Play Store!
We think you can easily switch from "iOS that are unreasonably interfere with business" to "Android that are Freedom"!

For inquiries about this application, please contact this e-mail address.

When you contact us it will be appreciated if you can include the following information as necessary.

  • App Name
  • App Version (It is described in the "About" page of the Help.)
  • Type of Terminal ˆ(iPhone X/iPad Pro, etc.)‰
  • iOS Version

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