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(for Android)

- Layers settings -

In the "Layers settings" screen, can set the upper layer and the bottom layer.

Each layer can set the type of an image or the color.
A type setting popup-list opens when tap a "Type" list item of each layer section, and the setting of the type is possible.

A setting window is displayed according to the type that is set when tap a square part on each layer division.

In the case of an image, an image choice screen opens, and a terminal or an SD card can choose a photograph or the image which photographed with a stored camera.

Move to the lower hierarchy when choose a folder. Move to the upper hierarchy when push the up-arrow button on top right corner. A use image is decided when choose a file.

A property dialog is displayed when push and hold a folder or a file for a few seconds.

* Probably there is the photograph which photographed with a camera in the "/sdcard/DCIM/Camera" folder.
* The OS may prohibit the access to terminal memory.
* May become the error with lack of memory when read a heavy image.
* The optional image format is only JPEG, GIF, PNG, Bitmap.

In the case of a color, a color choice screen opens and change red, green, each blue value and small and can choose a color.
Can choose it among colors more than 170,000 colors theoretically.

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