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(for Android)

- Have fun -

The upper layer and bottom layer can appoint an image and a color.
The pair is four kinds as follows.

  • Color and Color
  • Image and Color
  • Color and Image
  • Image and Image

In the case of "Color and Color", write a letter and will be usable as a substitute for a memo.

Because a color below comes out in the case of "Image and Color" when make a scratch, come to picture a picture in an image in hand-free.

Because an image comes out in the case of "Color and Image" when make a scratch, there is an original way of enjoying.
Come to have put a colored filter when lowered the opacity of the upper layer.

In the case of "Image and Image", a lower image becomes the form to appear when scratch an upper image. may make an interesting image if make use of the characteristic of two pieces of images.

- An anthology -

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