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Attach Saver

(for Android)

Free downloadable now in Google Play Store(Android Market).

- About this application -

This application is to save the file data which have been sent from the outside.
Note: Use this application is called from external applications (such as e-mail app). Therefore, it is not possible to launch directly.

The main usage is as follows.

  • Store an attached file of the email application. (ex. Mail, Gmail)
  • Save handed data from outside application

In addition, it also provides a simple easy to manage files in the SD card, a folder, you can edit!
Available functions are as follows.

  • Various editing files, and folders (copy, move, rename, delete, etc.)
  • Sort files, folders (name, date last modified, size)
  • Open an attachment to the "Mail" that is pre-installed on Android

Will be displayed in the list, etc. even when the app frequently, but not limited to mail application, open the file, it'd be a good idea to install when needed.

Because supported almost all MIME types, will have various how to use elsewhere!
Note: It is necessary to support data transfer method. (ex. file://, content://)

The supporting MIME types are as follows.

  • text/*
  • application/*
  • image/*
  • audio/*
  • chemical/*
  • message/*
  • model/*
  • video/*

- Attention in the file operation -

As for the file except the SD card, edits are prohibited, and a system may not work when you edit it forcibly.
Because we do not guarantee it at all, please use it on a self-responsibility.

- Screen shots -


- Update infomation -

Version Update
  • Fixed an issue where the displaced item in the file menu and processing.
  • Fixed an issue with the display icon in the file list screen.
  • Fixed an issue where an error occurs during the interrupt.
  • Added the Create button and the Menu button to the file management screen.
  • Added a theme of UI.
  • Changed the error message when launched directly.
  • Was unnecessary to remove the permission.
  • First version.

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