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Attach Saver

(for Android)

- Basic operations -

- Note when launched directly -

If you boot directly from the Home screen, because the path is not specified, will result in an error. This is normal behavior.

- Launching from the "Mail" app -

Describes how to use "mail" app that is pre-installed on Android.
This app is started by pressing in the field of attachment at the "Mail" app "Open" button.

If the pop-up selection will be shown an "application" if you have other apps open the attachment.

If there is more than one application to open the attachment, will be displayed pop-up "select the application" and select "AttachSaver"

If you start the app, select the folder you want to save.
Note: When the initial display of the folder list in the SD card is displayed.

Basic folder move operation is as follows.

  • Go to the hierarchy underneath when you select a folder icon.
  • To move up the hierarchy by pressing the up arrow button to the right of the text field.
  • Go to the specified path and press Enter to specify the path directly in the text field.

If fixed the folder you want to save, and press the button in the upper right corner "Save here".
This will open the Save As dialog box, save will start by pressing the "OK" button to enter a file name.
If you save the file has been completed successfully, the application is terminated.

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