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- Press Release -

The "NeoFiler" for iOS has been Released!

SkyArts announced the "NeoFiler" for iOS was announced on November 6, 2014.

It is the following products for iOS to have announced.


- About NeoFiler -

Is a Ultra-Highly-Functionality Text Editing environment equipped with Ultra-Highly-Functionality File Manager & Memo app.
Around the File Management screen, can be use the built-in tools (Ultra-Highly-Functionality Text Editor, Paint, Browser (for Internal Files), etc.).
Can be also shoot Photos, and Videos on the camera directly.
It will be usable as an Ultra-Highly-Functionality Memo app by combining these functions.

Because it is using a text editing engine of Ultra-Highly-Functionality Text Editor of "Wrix", Text Editor feature provides a comfortable text editing environment.
It is equipped with many useful original features Launcher Panel and Select-mode, Drag & Drop, Undo/Redo (Unlimited Number of Times), Key Macros, and Line Mark.

Paint feature, allows to edit the Image and use it as a Handwritten Memo.
There are a variety of tools to the other, it would be to increase the efficiency of your work!


The Main Function of this App has to offer is as follows.
Note: Some functions require a License.

  • List Files/Folders
  • Edit File/Folder (Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Duplicate, Compression)
  • Sort (Name, Size, Creation Date, Modification Date, Type)
  • Search
  • Thumbnail view the file (Images, Movie, PDF)
  • Create a Zip File, Unzip (Corresponding Password)
  • Sent file to another app or iOS terminal / Mac (Mac is iOS8 or later)
  • Import the files. (You can Import the files from other apps such as File Manager, Cloud Services.(include the iCloud) iOS8 or later.)
  • Export the files. (You can Export the files to other apps such as File Manager, Cloud Services.(include the iCloud) iOS8 or later.)
  • Display Properties of the File
  • Bookmarks
  • Create a new Folder/File (Text, Image, Photo, Movie)
  • QR code reading
  • File Browsing
  • Comfortable Text Editing environment.
  • Built-in Web server (WebDAV support).

More Information Here.

- Screen Shots -

More Screenshot Here.


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- About -

SkyArts is the company of the expert group of Java. It is engaged in the soft development by various Java, such as Applet and Servlet, etc., and consulting and software development are heard.
It is trying hard every day for the purpose of development of Java application which is valid for the world, and Java contents development for a cellular phone and PDA is concentrated on especially now.
location:Saitama, Japan.

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