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"X21" of software which can use the Java compliant cellular phone as PDA machine is announced. (2001.01.05)

SkyArts announces "X21" of software which can use the Java compliant cellular phone as PDA(Personal Digital Assistant) machine on January 5, 2001.

It comes to be able to use the Java compliant cellular phone always carried about as PDA machine by putting "X21" (X to 1) in the cellular phone. Therefore, the machine only for PDA need not be carried about. This is software of a suitable in the new century idea.

Six functions (the clock, the address book, the calculator, the schedule table, the note pad, and ToDo) are provided in X21 now. Each function is modulated, and operates independently in each function. As a result, it is possible to use it by downloading only a necessary function. Moreover, it comes to be able to use it by this advantage by selecting the function to use even with the terminal with few memory capacities.

There is no "It is not possible to use it due to the communication trouble etc." because X21 basically preserves data in the cellular phone. When using it by the business, this is an important part. There must not be being not able to see important business data because it is not possible to communicate. However, this part is a problem of a present Web application. However, because it is possible to use it without communicating, X21 is done without relation to such a communication trouble.

I will wait for the report from the enterprise which wants to do the business with SkyArts in relation to X21 now.
1.PIM soft maker who wants to be synchronization of X21 with data and use it
2.Cellular phone maker who hopes for pre-install
3.Enterprise which hopes for distribution of X21 because it applies advertisement to X21.

4.Enterprise which wants to customize X21, distribute to employee, and use it in-house.
5.Maker who wants to install X21 in digital camera and car-navigating equipment, etc. besides cellular phone.

Schedule for the future:
1.Correspondence to Java specifications other than MIDP.
2.Addition of synchronous function of communication function and another terminal.

A current version is developed with MIDP of the Java language specification for the cellular phone. Therefore, it is possible to run on PC which can move the MIDP environment on the cellular phone of the MIDP correspondence.
The Preview version can be used free of charge. Please send it to the address here of feedback.

- About - is an expert group of Java. It is involved in soft development by various Java etc.
It makes an effort aiming at the development of the Java application which passes to the world every day.
It is concentrating especially on the Java contents development for the cellular phone now. Whereabouts: Saitama, Japan.

Please send the inquiry for SkyArts and the product to the address here.

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