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GUI component product for MIDP for Palm OS is announced. (2001.06.25)

SkyArts announced the GUI(Graphic User Interface) component product for MIDP for Palm OS was announced on June 25, 2001.
It is enabled to download Dialog for Palm OS of GUI component product announced this time from the present product page, and to use it.(The charge of use occurs.)

Dialog for Palm OS of GUI component product announced this time has the following features.

  1. "It corresponds to a touch panel."
  2. "It corresponds to a color."
  3. "It is structure of the appearance near the dialog used by general Palmware."
  4. "The kind of button can be chosen now in the form of a button set."
  5. "The character sequence of the title of a dialog can be changed now."

The kind of dialog which can be chosen is the following four kinds.

  1. Info dialog
  2. Confirm dialog
  3. Error dialog
  4. Warning dialog

In addition to selection of the above-mentioned dialog, it can be used by the ability choosing the set of four kinds of following buttons. It can be used now on various scenes by this.

  1. Yes, No, Cancel buttons
  2. Yes, No buttons
  3. Cancel button
  4. OK button

MIDP is not provided with user-friendly GUI component like the dialog of PC, but there is an inconvenient thing in it plentifully.
However, if Dialog for Palm OS which is the appearance near the dialog used by Palmware highly efficient as mentioned above and general is used, it is considered that I can have you use it, without making a user feel that it is Palmware developed by Java.

In addition, since the present version is created based on the Early Access version of MIDP for PalmOS, after the formal version of MIDP for PalmOS comes out, please consent to improvement being added for a while.
Non-business / commercial use is not asked. Please pay 15 US dollars per in one kind of product use.

Please send the inquiry about these Press Releases, the SkyArts itself, a product, etc. to the address here.

- About MIDP for Palm OS -
MIDP for Palm OS is MIDP execution environment developed for PalmOS opportunities. Now, the Early Access version can be downloaded to the site of Sun.

- About -
SkyArts is the company of the expert group of Java. It is engaged in the soft development by various Java, such as Applet and Servlet, etc., and consulting and software development are heard.
It is trying hard every day for the purpose of development of Java application which is valid for the world, and Java contents development for a cellular phone and PDA is concentrated on especially now.
location:Saitama, Japan.

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