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MIDP Builder

The Japanese professionl also uses!

The latest edition is Ver2.x.
A function such as a pre-processor was added, and Ver2.x became more convenient!
But, it is the offer of only Japanese edition.

MIDP Builder is a MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) application development tool.

J2ME Wireless Toolkit of Sun is provided with the function of the following which is not offered.

MIDP Builder uses the project fundamentally created by J2ME Wireless Toolkit. Therefore, after creating a project by J2ME Wireless Toolkit, it can be used very conveniently.
The project of J2ME Wireless Toolkit is used only for using JAD, a manifest file, and a directory creation function. Therefore, if there is knowledge which can perform JAD, manifest file, and directory creation, although it will drop off using J2ME Wireless Toolkit, it can use.

In the usual development, obfuscator processing, external emulator starting, KJX file creation, CRC check value addition processing, etc. must use a command line and two or more tools. In addition, since the size of a file name and a JAR file will be changed if obfuscator processing is performed for lightweight-izing of a file, it is necessary to rewrite the contents of JAD and a manifest file by handmade business.
However, if full-scale development is begun, the convenient thing of MIDP Builder must be realizable, since MIDP Builder performs these things automatically!!

The scene where the emulator of MIDP Builder to J2ME Wireless Toolkit was started

The scene under build processing of a project

The scene of a basic setup

The scene of a execute setup

The scene of a RetroGuard setup

The scene of a KDDI's setup
(for Japan)

- Required environment -

* Although the check of operation has now been carried out only by Windows, it corresponds by rewriting a setting file besides Windows.

- Download - 48KB)
* When there is no license, it can start only to 5 times.

- Licence -
When you carry out use continued regardless of business and non-business, please take lessons from a part for one computer, and pay 5US dollars.
However, since the remittance charge from other than Japan is very high, I think that it is difficult.

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