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THE LEGEND OF KABUTO is the long story action RPG (Roll Playing Game) for the cellular phone that the battle scene of a new sense was employed and which was given.
A player operates a brave parson KABUTO, and goes for the trip of the adventure.


The scene of the start

The scene of the shop

The scene of the cave

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(The scene of the labyrinth)


Sky land was a very peaceful country.
But, after the Dark Knight appeared, the inside of the country began to be full of monsters, and corrupted very much. It was like this after "items of the legend" was stolen by the Dark Knight.
Brave person KABUTO went for the trip of the adventure to knock down the Dark Knight!

--How to play--

A player operates a brave man KABUTO, and pushes down monsters, and collects items. It can do its shopping by collecting GOLD's.

KABUTO has a sword and a shield.
A shield can defend attack from monsters. A shield is usually in front. A sword can't be used at this time.
When a sword is taken out, it can be attacked by going toward the monsters. But, when a sword is taken out, a shield is moved to the left.
Think about the movement of the above sword and the shield, and do attack and defense effectively.

It is a game over when Hit Point (HP) becomes empty.
A menu is indicated when a menu button is pushed in the game. When "Save" is chosen, items which the present has is saved. Continuation can be played later by choosing "Continue" from the title screen after that. But, information such as a place isn't kept.

--How to operate it--

The movement of KABUTO is done with 4 direction button.
A sword is taken out by pushing a TEL(call) button (or No5 button or Fire button).

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