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Version Update
Wrix 2
  • Supports iCloud Drive!
    You can edit the files in the "Wrix" folder on iOS / iPadOS / macOS etc.!
    Files in other folders need to be moved to the "Wrix" folder once.
  • Added the function to open "Location List" when the File List screen is displayed!
    I think it will be easier to switch locations when the File List screen is displayed!
    You can enable / disable it on the "Cloud" Settings screen.
  • "Path List" has been added to the Main menu of the File List screen!
    It will be easier to move the path!
  • "Open" function has been added to the File Edit menu on the File List screen!
  • Made it easier to operate the keys on the File List screen, etc.!
  • The Menu items on the File List screen have been reviewed.
  • Added the function to use UTF-8 instead when the character code auto-detect function makes ASCII decision!
    You can prevent garbled characters when overwriting and saving after using non-ASCII characters. Normally, if you have only ASCII characters, you can overwrite and save with UTF-8 without any problem.
    It is enabled by default. You can change the settings on the "File I/O" Settings screen.
  • Fixed the UI size to make it more comfortable to use!
  • Revised the dashed line of the Selection Cursor in "Select-mode"!
  • The purchased License name is displayed in the License expiration date display part of the License Management screen!
  • The display position of the Toast message has been changed to near the vertical center.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes fails when opening a File from Cloud Storage with the "Open" function.
  • Fixed an issue where the background of the Status bar at the top of the screen might not be displayed.
  • Fixed the problem that the Search bar on the File List screen etc. may not be hidden.
  • Fixed the problem that the "Undo" function of the OS works when the terminal is shaken even when the Popup menu is displayed.
  • Updated the using Libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
Wrix 2
  • Fixed an issue where the Zoom Popup did not appear when Long-Pressed in the Text Editing Area.
  • Updated the using libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
Wrix 2
  • Changed Line-Breaks, Half-width / Full-width Spaces, and Tab character Line Thickness to make it Easier to See!
  • Changed Zoom Popup, Selection Cursors to make it Easier to See the Shadow!
  • Removed the "Manage Subscriptions" item from the "License Management" screen. (Because this function is already old)
    You can manage your subscriptions from the "Subscriptions" item in your account in the "Settings" app of the OS.
    The Online Help has been changed so that you can refer to Apple's Web page.
  • Fixed an issue where Toolbar Buttons became longer when launched in Landscape.
  • Updated the using libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
Wrix 2
  • Removed unnecessary access permission settings for Dropbox.
Wrix 2
  • Changed to support iOS 15 or later.
  • Fixed the Help screen and the Built-in Browser function.
  • Added the Markdown output function! (for Text Editor)
    Supports HTML, PDF, XML, man, CommonMark, LaTeX format output! It was added to "File" menu.
    By using the preview function you can immediately check with the built-in Browser! Using simple output in HTML format for display. (The encoding at the time of output can be changed on the "File I/O setting" screen)
  • Added the Text to Speech function. (for Text Editor)
    Speech from the cursor position. The input state is canceled at the time of speech reading, but when reading back to the input state again, speech stops.
    However, sound does not sound when in silent mode.
  • Added the Clipboard History function. (for Text Editor)
    It will be useful for pasting several identical contents!
    A function was added to "Edit" menu.
    A list will be displayed when press and hold the "Paste" button on the toolbar.
    Text is added at the time of cutting and copying on the text editor screen.
    The maximum number is 100 pieces.
    If it is the same as the previous text, it will not be registered.
  • Added a function to call specified functions when swiping left and right with two fingers in the editing area. (for Text Editor)
    By default, the function to move the document back and forth is assigned.
    You can change the function to call on the launcher setting screen.
    *It is separate from Swipe on the left and right ends.
  • Changed the Settings menu of the Text Editor screen to the Settings screen. (for Text Editor)
    We think it will become easier to set up than ever.
  • Added a function to change the background color of the Navigation bar of Popup / SideView. (for Text Editor)
  • Added the UI color setting to save / open functions including scroll bars and soft keyboard settings. (for Text Editor)
  • Added the function to easily change the color setting of UI Light/Dark mode. (for Text Editor)
    Can be also change the color of the scroll bar and soft keyboard at the same time.
  • Added the function to call the editing screen by tapping the SideView title in the Outline list and CheckMark list. (for Text Editor)
  • Improved visibility when the Cursor Blinks. (for Text Editor)
  • The default font has been changed. It becomes JIS X 2013 correspondence. (for Text Editor)
  • Changed the License Management screen easy to understand.
  • Changed Licenses to only Subscriptions.
    It is necessary for continued maintenance. Please understand.
  • Changed the wording of the dialog button to a wording that meaning can be understood immediately.
  • Implementation of Built-in Browser changed from UIWebView to WKWebView.
  • Changed the App Icon to black base.
  • Reviewed the operation of the cursor on the soft keyboard and made it easy to understand. (for Text Editor)
    Deleted the function to start text selection when long pressed with 2 fingers on iPad.
    Deleted the function to start text selection when long pressed "Space" key on iPhone/iPad.
    Text selection can be substituted by using the selection mode, so I dedicated the cursor to make it easy to understand.
  • Fine-tuned the text line position on the Text Editor screen. (for Text Editor)
  • Fixed an issue where line breaks may not be selected and displayed when selecting lines on the Text Editor screen. (for Text Editor)
  • Fixed a problem that scrolling became slow when there was an image file etc. on the File List screen.
    The timing of reading the thumbnail of the image has been shifted.
  • Changed the default value of Auto Capitalization setting to "None" when entering English characters. (for Text Editor)
    Until now the line head was Auto Capitalization.
  • Fixed an issue where the default value when swiping with two fingers at the left end of the text editing screen is incorrect. (for Text Editor)
  • Fixed an issue where the application crashes when displaying "Find Matched List". (for Text Editor)
  • Fixed a problem that the UI shifted down when using tethering.
  • Fixed a problem that the function to move automatically to another folder when receiving files with shared function from apps not compatible with "Files" app does not work.
  • Updated the Dropbox library.
  • Updated the Google Drive library.
  • Updated the OneDrive library.
  • Fixed the internal processing.

It will be another App from this Version. Therefore, it is incompatible with the License of the Past Version.

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