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Note: The iOS version of Wrix has evolved into "Wrix 2" and is now a separate app from the "Old Wrix" (Wrix 1) that was distributed until May 2018! (2021/10/09)

"Old Wrix" (Wrix 1) cannot be downloaded / updated, license purchased / restored, etc. (Because the account was suddenly deleted on May 8, 2018 after asking for improvement multiple times in the fraudulent app review of over 80%)
We do not plan to re-deliver the "old Wrix" (Wrix 1), so we recommend that you migrate to "Wrix 2" as soon as possible.
If you continue to use "Old Wrix" (Wrix 1), please do not delete the application itself. Then, make sure to back up the created file itself.
Please refer to the "File Transfer" page for several methods for backing up files.

For inquiries about this application, please contact this e-mail address.

When you contact us it will be appreciated if you can include the following information as necessary.

  • App Name
  • App Version (It is described in the "About" page of the Help.)
  • Type of Terminal (iPhone X/iPad Pro, etc.)
  • iOS Version

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