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(for iPhone / iPod touch)

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- The free copy is here! (SequencerPad Free)

It is two track sequencer that can be performed by editing the score of the phrase (two small knots).

The tone that can be used is as follows.

Because a sound is good, you become fun!

Each sound becomes a demiquaver, and doesn't correspond to harmony in the same track.

- Phrase list screen -

The list of the phrase that you made is displayed.

New creating is possible when you push the "+" button of the top right corner.

The edit list is displayed when the phrase name is selected, and it is possible to edit it variously.
Each function of the list of editing is as follows.

- Edit phrase screen -

The score of the phrase can be edited.
There are two tracks in a phrase, and each track is a phrase (2 measures).

When it touches the measure eye part, the demiquaver can be added.When it touches an existing note, it is possible to erase it.
However, harmony cannot be used.

There are various buttons for play/edit upper the screen.The function of each button is as follows.

- Screen shots

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