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Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy and personal information and settings, we believe that our responsibility.

It shall be handled as follows for the information that can identify a specific individual (hereinafter referred to as "personal information").

The personal information that the information that can identify individuals, is called name, address, phone number, etc. e-mail address.

If we collect personal information is to clarify the purpose of collection, we will collect personal information within the required range.

We leakage of personal information along with the efforts to appropriate management for the acquired personal information, tampering, striving to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

We the obtained personal information except for the case of the following sections, as a general rule provided to third parties, do not do such disclosure.

  1. Formal cooperation written request from the person who has the legal authority query, if there is a query.
  2. If there is consent of the person

In person, inquire about personal information of your own, if you would like to such modification, and only I will correspond to the case where it is a person by the way we set was confirmed.

We do not transfer or disclose your information to third parties for purposes other than the ones provided.

We will use your data to provide you with the services you requested, such as email notification and newsletter, etc.

We will not sell your data to third parties, but we may share it with our partners who help us provide our services.

We, Japanese laws and regulations that apply to personal information that we held, as well as compliance with other norms, to review the contents of this policy as appropriate, will strive to improve.

February 11, 2017 enacted
September 12, 2023 Partially revised

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