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(for iPhone / iPod touch)

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- The free copy is here! (PianoStar Free)
- The free copy is here! (PianoStar Lite)
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It is a keyboard for music to teach the method of performing music like timing and time, etc. to push the keyboard!
Of course, it is possible to perform as a usual keyboard.
And supported a multi-touch!(harmony can be used)

*Because it is equipped with a MIDI decoder, it becomes easy to change music. (become the other application)
*Please inform it of the one that is interested in the application that changed music.


The tone that can be used is as follows.

Because a sound is good, you become fun!

The Score-style has the following kinds.

In addition, there is an automatic play function.
The thing performed with the keyboard together is possible!

As noted above, can choose various exercise methods.


- Collection musics -
The collection music is as follows.
*Each music is arranged a little.


- Screen shots -

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