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(for iPhone / iPad)

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Brighter Lite (Free version) is here! (Has been Re-Released at 2021/12/22 !)

It is the light of a flashlight app that terminal colorful!

The light uses the back-light of the screen.

The main functions to offer are as follows.

  • Light it up with back-light.
  • The setting of the color of the screen.
  • The setting of the brightness of the screen.
  • Blinking the Backlight.

Will be usable in the following uses.

  • Look for a key-hole in darkness.
  • Look for a lost article in a dark place.
  • Change the color of the screen and change a color of the light and make an atmosphere ;-)
  • Surprising in the light from the bottom of the face in the dark. ;-p)
  • Draw a picture of colored light to change the shutter speed of the camera. (Light-Painting)
  • Lighting at the time of shooting photos and videos.
  • Blink Light.

In addition, you will have various how to use depending on a thought!
You can make Wallpaper Images of only One Color by taking a Screenshot at Full Screen display! (Paid Version Only)

- Main screen -

This screen is displayed when start application.
With this screen, display it with set the color of the screen.
White at the time of the first indication.

Tool bar has the following buttons.
Button Description
Screen color

Can be change the color of the screen.

You can adjust the brightness of the screen.
Can be change the "Blinking" interval when a long press.
Display a Menu.

- About Screen Color -

Because the color can appoint RGB(Red, Green, Blue) in the range of 0-255, you can set 16,777,216 colors or more theoretically.

- Update information -

Version Update
Brighter Lite
  • Enhanced functions for iPadOS!
  • Added a function to display the focus when the Pointer is placed on various Buttons!
  • Display a frame around the Color Item in the Color List display to make it easier to understand!
  • Changed the Ad position.
  • Updated the using Libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
Brighter Lite
  • Supported for iOS 16!
  • The Left and Right margins of the Popup menu have been widened, making it easier to cancel by Tapping the margin! (for iPhone)
  • Added shadows to the Toast (Mini Message) to make them easier to see!
  • Adjusted the display position so that Toast (Mini Message) is easier to see!
  • Updated the using Libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
Brighter Lite
  • Changed the setting so that when swipe at the top and bottom of the screen, the operation of the app is prioritized over the gesture operation of the OS!
    The tab displayed by the OS is displayed on the first swipe. Can be use the OS functions by swiping again while the tab is displayed.
    By changing this setting, wrong operations will be reduced! And the problem that the button at the bottom of the screen is slow to respond is solved!
  • Updated the using Libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
Brighter Lite
Only the Free version of "Brighter Lite" has been re-released!
  • Added support for iOS 15!
  • Some designs have been changed!
  • Updated the using Libraries.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Added supports iOS 11 and iPhone X.
  • Changed the application name for FREE edition. (Due to Apple restrictions)
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Added the ability to switch the Color by pressing the Volume button on the terminal.
    The order of switching is the order in which they set in the Color list. However, the Color of the folder is not supported.
    Color list is, can be Add / Remove / order change of Color.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Change the selection of color more easily!
    The Color List pop-up has been changed so as to be displayed by pressing the Color button. (Long-press operation is no longer)
    If you want to change the color by specifying a value will select the top item in the Color list Pop-up.
  • Changed to the width of the Pop-up menu of the iPhone.
    Operation to hide by tapping the left and right of the gap is now easier to.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Supports iOS 9.
    • Supports Multi-tasking (Split-screen) feature. (Function of the iPad only)
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • The display position and size of the Pop-up menu UI were little changed.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Added the Accessibility support to various buttons.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Default was change the type of Pop-up menu UI to be used in. (iOS8 later)
    To avoid a wrong touch events problems that occur in iOS8.3. (At Landscape orientation)
  • Change the position of the buttons such as Dialog.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Changed the Pop-up UI design.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Supported iOS8.1.
  • Fixed an issue where the message display would rotate extra. (for iOS8.1)
  • Fixed an issue that can display multiple Blinking settings View.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Added a Blinking function.
  • Changed a little the size of the pop-up menu for the iPhone.
  • Increase the size of the pop-up menu in the iPad.
  • Fixed an issue that is not reflected in the next time start the color of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where in the Color Management screen, a confirmation dialog is not displayed.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Supported iOS8.
    • Fixed the problem that is displayed Pop-up Menu, Launcher Panel is shifted by the direction of the screen.
    • Replaced the functionality that is not recommended for use.
  • Added the images for iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • hanged to iOS7 or later correspondence.
  • Changed the animation when display the pop-up menu.
  • Added the ability to display the hexadecimal value of the display color settings screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of the color settings screen.
  • Added the iPad supports.
  • Changed the color of the default list.
  • Corrected the color list editing screen.
  • Modified of the internal processing of the pop-up.
  • Added the URL scheme. Corresponding to a call from the outside. (brighter:// , brighterfree://)
  • Supports full-screen display. (Switchable Tap-operation)
  • Added the Color List function to Color selection screen.
  • Added the ability to add a Color Swatch when the Color List is not set.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon image of the Up button on the Color list Settings screen is not displayed.
  • Modified the wording of some of the dialog buttons.
  • Fixed internal functions of Color List Settings screen.
  • Fixed the Color list settings screen.
  • Added the ability to edit the color list. (Can be create, delete, move, classified by folder)
  • Added a menu button on the toolbar.
  • Changed a little design.
  • Changed a little UI design.
  • Added a value input function to the color setting screen.
  • Added 4 inches screen support.
  • Added the ability to display a color swatch on each slider of color selection screen.
  • Added a ability when you press and hold the color button to display the "color list".
  • Made a UI design change.
  • Added the Retina screen support.
  • Added the ability to brightness control.
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