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Version Update
  • The "Quick Selection" function, which starts selection when you long press when text is not selected, has been extended, and a function has been added so that you can select from multiple selection methods!
    The following selection methods can be selected. The settings can be made from the "Edit Settings" screen.
    1. Start Selection.
    2. Start Selection. Further Long Press to start Select-mode. (Default)
    3. Start Select-mode. (Recommended after getting used to)
    4. Do nothing.
    * When using the "Quick Selection" function, after turn-On the Select-mode, you can turn-Off the Select-mode by further Long Pressed.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Fixed an issue where input could not be performed correctly with an software keyboard of the Wnn system.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Reduced the License price! (Japan only)
  • Corrected the process during character conversion.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • You can extend the expiration date of a "FREE License" by watching the ads multiple times from the "License Management" screen!
  • Fixed internal processing.
The Completely FREE version "Wrix Free" has the following corrections in addition to the above.
  • You can extend the expiration date of a "FREE License" by watching the ads multiple times from the "License Management" screen!
    It will be useful when you use it for a long time!
  • Reduced the file size of the App!
  • Same as the Normal version "Wrix" to make the version number easier to understand.
1.0.4 -
  • Added a new inexpensive License for Basic functions!
    Can be use basic functions at a lower price!
  • Fixed a problem that could not be called by URL scheme.
  • Fixed internal processing.
1.0.3 -
  • Removed restrictions on Editing function (Cut/Copy/Paste) when there is no license.
  • Reduced the waiting time of the number limit function when there is no license.
  • Fixed an issue that some UI did not support the height of special navigation bar of software keyboard when using gesture navigation of Android 10.
  • Fixed internal processing.
1.0.2 -
  • It has been changed so that a 24-hour FREE Trial period starts immediately after installation! We think more people can experience a super comfortable text editing environment with a full license! In addition, you can use a FREE Trial period of several days from the "License Management" screen!
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Added support for Gesture Navigation of the Android 10. We have prepared a range where can be call the launcher without calling the "Back" function during Swipe on the left and right edges of the Text Editing screen.
  • Changed the color of some UI (Text Editing area, Line Number area, Selected tab, Navigation bar background) of the Text Editing screen to Black for Dark mode.
  • Fixed the problem that the color of the Navigation bar is not reflected.
  • Fixed the problem that some UI does not support notched screens.
  • Fixed internal processing.
1.0 -
  • New Release.

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