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Version Update
1.0.3 -
  • Removed restrictions on Editing function (Cut/Copy/Paste) when there is no license.
  • Reduced the waiting time of the number limit function when there is no license.
  • Fixed an issue that some UI did not support the height of special navigation bar of software keyboard when using gesture navigation of Android 10.
  • Fixed internal processing.
1.0.2 -
  • It has been changed so that a 24-hour FREE Trial period starts immediately after installation! We think more people can experience a super comfortable text editing environment with a full license! In addition, you can use a FREE Trial period of several days from the "License Management" screen!
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Added support for Gesture Navigation of the Android 10. We have prepared a range where can be call the launcher without calling the "Back" function during Swipe on the left and right edges of the Text Editing screen.
  • Changed the color of some UI (Text Editing area, Line Number area, Selected tab, Navigation bar background) of the Text Editing screen to Black for Dark mode.
  • Fixed the problem that the color of the Navigation bar is not reflected.
  • Fixed the problem that some UI does not support notched screens.
  • Fixed internal processing.
1.0 -
  • New Release.

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