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Known Issues

File creation date and update date are the same

Java of programming language is used for the development of this app, but because Java can only get the same value for creation date and update date, it works like this.
We'd like to fix it, but we going to postpone it because it seems to take a lot of trouble.

When save a file to Google Drive via the "Files" app, multiple files with the same name appear

Google Drive is a specification that can have multiple files with the same name.
Therefore, if you save a file to Google Drive via the "Files" app, multiple files with the same name will appear.

To avoid this problem, it is necessary to add a function to edit Google Drive files directly in this application, and it may be difficult to respond immediately.

It is hard to scroll if there is a Launcher type button on the Toolbar

This problem occurs because it is difficult to determine whether the touch operation is scrolling or pressing a button.
When scrolling to the toolbar depending on the screen size, change the button size or switch to the Popup menu.

There are times when the position of the converted character cannot be changed by tapping during character conversion input

When input that requires conversion such as Japanese input, the conversion position can be changed by touch operation. However, even if you try to move to the last position after changing the position, you may not be able to move.
In the app, the position change is notified to the soft keyboard, but there are times when it can and cannot be done.
Since this problem is the same in Android's standard Text Editing UI, it is judged as an OS problem.

You may be able to move the position by swiping backward from the front of the conversion character.

The Delete key on the "Google Voice Input" keyboard does not work

This problem seems to occur only with "Google Voice Input" keyboard. The problem is unexpectedly deep and unclear due to lack of explanation in the document.

Currently, Android's standard keyboard "Gboard" is easier to use and can be used instead, so please use "Gboard".

Or, you can use the Delete function by displaying and using the "Voice Input Assist bar" of this app.

There may be times when no touch operation is accepted

In this app, UI such as Popup menu is displayed in a special way, and it is judged that this problem occurs because UI non-display processing such as Popup menu is not processed until the end when some timing overlaps.

The investigation is ongoing, but the timing of the occurrence is unknown, so if there is any information, please let us know from the "Contact Us".

Please feed back.
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