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Known Issues

File creation date and update date are the same

Java of programming language is used for the development of this app, but because Java can only get the same value for creation date and update date, it works like this.
We'd like to fix it, but we going to postpone it because it seems to take a lot of trouble.

When save a file to Google Drive via the "Files" app, multiple files with the same name appear

Google Drive is a specification that can have multiple files with the same name.
Therefore, if you save a file to Google Drive via the "Files" app, multiple files with the same name will appear.

To avoid this problem, it is necessary to add a function to edit Google Drive files directly in this application, and it may be difficult to respond immediately.

In version 1.1, a function to directly edit Google Drive files has been added, so please use that.

It is hard to scroll if there is a Launcher type button on the Toolbar

This problem occurs because it is difficult to determine whether the touch operation is scrolling or pressing a button.
When scrolling to the toolbar depending on the screen size, change the button size or switch to the Popup menu.

There are times when the position of the converted character cannot be changed by tapping during character conversion input

When input that requires conversion such as Japanese input, the conversion position can be changed by touch operation. However, even if you try to move to the last position after changing the position, you may not be able to move.
In the app, the position change is notified to the soft keyboard, but there are times when it can and cannot be done.
Since this problem is the same in Android's standard Text Editing UI, it is judged as an OS problem.

You may be able to move the position by swiping backward from the front of the conversion character.

The Delete key on the "Google Voice Input" keyboard does not work

This problem seems to occur only with "Google Voice Input" keyboard. The problem is unexpectedly deep and unclear due to lack of explanation in the document.

Currently, Android's standard keyboard "Gboard" is easier to use and can be used instead, so please use "Gboard".
Or, you can use the Delete function by displaying and using the "Voice Input Assist bar" of this app.

Similarly, there are some keys that do not work in the text editing function of "Gboard".
In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to frequently pass the whole text to the soft keyboard, which is a wasteful process and inefficient, so the response is postponed.
Since useless processing is required, it may not be supported.

There may be times when no touch operation is accepted

In this app, UI such as Popup menu is displayed in a special way, and it is judged that this problem occurs because UI non-display processing such as Popup menu is not processed until the end when some timing overlaps.

The investigation is ongoing, but the timing of the occurrence is unknown, so if there is any information, please let us know from the "Contact Us".

Popup menus may not be hidden

Pop-up menu, SideView, and Toast (which displays a message) may not be hidden.
It seems to occur especially when the following operations are performed on the gesture bar provided by the OS at the bottom of the screen when using Android 10 gesture navigation or 2-button navigation.

  • Swipe up on the gesture bar and put it back without releasing your finger
  • Swipe the gesture bar left or right to return it without releasing your finger

As a cause, these UIs use PopupWindow UI provided by Android, but this UI seems to be displayed incorrectly if the operation of the gesture bar is stopped halfway. Moreover, since there is no notification in the app, we have determined that it is difficult to respond.
While operating the gesture bar, Toast (displaying a message) is hidden by the timer, but it has been confirmed that it will be ignored and remain. (Android10 environment)
In very rare cases, the Popup menu and SideView continue to be displayed, but the touch event goes to the lower view, and it is confirmed that it continues to obstruct like a blindfold. (Android10 environment)

As a workaround, you can end the process by releasing your finger without stopping the operation of the gesture bar.

In order to return to the original when it occurs, I think that it will be improved by operating the gesture bar again, releasing the finger without stopping halfway to end the process, and then returning to the app.

Input with some soft keyboards does not work well

This has been fixed in version 1.0.7.

Wnn-based soft keyboards (such as "S-Shoin" pre-installed on SHARP terminals) have a problem that input cannot be performed properly.
The cause seems to be caused by the difference between the processing of this app or Wnn.

Similar problems do not occur with other soft keyboards such as Gboard and ATOK, so I think that using other soft keyboards can avoid it.

Even if you use a monospace font, it may not be monospaced-width depending on the character size.

This has been fixed in version 1.1.5.

Due to Android limitation, full-width character width may not be twice as wide as half-width character width even if a monospaced font is used.
This problem is because the function provided by Android rounds up the decimal point of the half-width character internally, so instead of the originally expected "full-width character width = half-width character width x2", because the full-width character width is treated a little smaller like "full-width character width = half-width character width x2 -1".
In reality, half-width characters are rounded up to the nearest whole number and are processed to an little bigger size.

We tried to absorb this problem in the application and try to deal with it, but I decided that it would significantly slow down the processing and stopped it.
I submitted a bug report for Android and registered a bug, but I do not know when it will be fixed.
Currently, there is no problem depending on the character size, so if you want to display in monospace, the only workaround is to specify the character size that does not cause a problem.
In version 1.1.3 or later, a caution message will be displayed when you specify a size that does not become monospace when you use a monospace font on the "Text Size" setting screen.

On terminals made by some manufacturers, when displaying Popup menu etc., part of it is hidden under the soft keyboard

It seems that there is a problem that it is hidden under the soft keyboard mainly when displaying the menu and SideView on the Huawei terminal.
We haven't actually seen it, but we think that's probably the case, as the review comments contained extremely low ratings and one-sided complaints, leaving it to the feelings of temporary anger. And so far, the two have described similar complaints, and the common point was the Huawei terminal. It would be helpful if you could contact us directly from the inquiry window without writing any bug reports or requests in the review comments.
We tried it with Google's Pixel, a reference terminal, and a development emulator, but decided that the same problem did not occur at all and that it occurred only on Huawei terminals.
The cause of this problem can only be considered to be an Android OS compatibility issue, and I suspect that Huawei's proprietary extensions are in the way.

In version 1.3.4, an optional function to hide the soft keyboard when the pop-up is displayed has been added to the "Popup Settings" screen.
As mentioned above, this is a function mainly for Huawei terminals where this problem occurs, so we think that it is not necessary to use it for terminals made by other manufacturers.
In addition, it is possible to avoid using this new option by setting the height of the pop-up to "Short" and the position to "Upper Center" on the "Popup Setting"

In Android 12 environment, cache reading may fail when the app is started.

This has been fixed in version 1.7.6.

In the Android 12 environment, the cache may fail to read when the app is started.
The cause is currently under investigation, but I think that there is a problem with the Android 12 termination process itself, and I think that the cache saving has failed when the app is terminated. Strictly speaking, the cache is not saved when the app is closed, but in Android 12, the pause event of the previous stage does not come, so I think that the cause is that the cache cannot be saved.
At present, the detailed cause is unknown, so please save it to a file frequently and try to use it without any problem even if the cache disappears.

Unable to edit Unicode surrogate pair characters well with some soft keyboards

This app is designed to handle Unicode characters, but Unicode has a special character area called "Ideographic Variation Sequence" (IVS).
This mainly applies to East Asian Chinese characters, but I think it would be easier to understand if you explain it as "the same Chinese characters with different shapes". Then, in order to express this IVS, byte data called surrogate pair is added to the original character to express it.
The data looks like the following.

  • Original character + surrogate pair byte data

Since some soft keyboards cannot handle characters with surrogate pairs well, them try to treat "byte data of surrogate pairs" as special Emojis.
There is no problem if the range of character data is determined by this app, but depending on the operation of the soft keyboard, the soft keyboard itself will determine the range of character data and try to process it.
This may cause the following problems.

  • If the characters in the surrogate pair are consecutive, multiple characters are deleted at the same time.
  • If add a character after deleting the character of the surrogate pair, the "byte data of the surrogate pair" that should have been deleted is added before.

We have confirmed that these problems occur when using the alphabetic keyboard of Google's Gboard. In the case of a Japanese keyboard, the range of character data is determined by this application, so similar problems have not been confirmed.

Please feed back.
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