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Tap World Championship

(for Android)

Can download this product now in Google Play Store(Android Market).
The access in the market application is here

It's a free application.
This game is a game to compete for tap counts by countries and personals.
As a player of the countries which you set, increase tap counts.
When each player registers data to server, the ranking is updated in real-time.

OK, let's tap it toward for world No.1!

The runner of the play screen is a decoration.;-)
You update the best speed per second number of times and may run toward one lap of earth. But the purpose of the tap number of times is the number one in the world! ;-p)

Please do not use the one where does not understand this joke-app.;-p)

- How to play -
The count of the taps increases when they tap a screen on the play screen.

Ranking data are updated when you register data with a server.
The ranking is displayed when you push the ranking button of the top screen.

The saved data are cleared by a terminal when you register data with a server.

When you push the back key with a play screen and return to a top screen, the registration confirm dialog appears.
When you push the "Yes" button, register data with a server.

- Screen shots

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