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(for Android)

This application has Text-to-Speech function. Read an input text aloud.
Your terminal talks! Surely it will be it is fun, and to become the smile!

Can change a language, pitch, rate.
Can output a sound as a file.

Can purchase this product now in Google Play Store(Android Market).
The access in the market application is here

"SmileTalker Free" of the free copy version is downloadable.
The access in the market application is here

iOS version is here!

- Sample sounds -

- How to use -

Start reading aloud after having input a text into the text-input field of the screen upper part when you push the "Speak" button.
Stop reading aloud when you push it during reading aloud.

The "Clear" button clears the text which you input.

The "Save" button reads it aloud and stores a sound in an SD card as a file.
A store format is Wave format.
The store place is "/sdcard/".

The "Rate" slider can coordinate a rate of the reading aloud.

The "Pitch" slider can coordinate a pitch of the reading aloud.

The "Language" menu can change a language to read aloud.

- How to enjoy -

Will be fun just to let it read a sentence aloud.
However, it is a pleasure to let it say what you cannot usually say instead.
Or it may be a pleasure to send the audio file that you stored by an email.

- A reading aloud possibility language -

The languages that reading aloud is possible are as follows.

- About Japanese handling -

Do not give a Japanese response to read it aloud.
However, you can let the Japanese style which an overseas person speaks by inputting a Romaji read it aloud.

Let you read various words aloud, and please develop a new way of enjoying!

- Initial setting -

Use a Android's speech-engine for the reading aloud of the text.

It may be necessary to prepare for special data separately at the old terminals.
Open up a page of Google Play Store(Android Market) at the time of this application start when there are not necessary data(SpeechSynthesis Data).
Download data from this page, and please save it to an SD card.

When you confirm the installation status of necessary data in a setting screen of Android, finished with installation if a "Install voice data" item of "Speech synthesis" of the setting becomes disable.
In the case of enabled, you tap it, and please install it.

- Screen shots

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