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About the License

All functions, There is it like can be used even if there is no license.
However, in order to continue development and support in the future, we are advertising.

We sell licenses that remove advertisements for those who do not like advertisements.

Note: If you want to use with a plurality of terminals licenses purchased, please use the same user ID.
If you initialize the terminal, please go to "Restore the License" in the "License Management" screen If you want to share a license in another terminal.

Limitations when there is No License

If there is no license, an ad will be displayed.



Subscription License Types

A license that removes ads for a set period of time.
*We do some kind of maintenance all year round and it will cost you money, so please understand.

Name Price Detail
Subscription 1 Month (Remove Ads)
1.49 USD / per month

Ads will be removed for one month.
* This license is automatically renewed continuously one month later, and charges will be charged each time.
* It has become a price of about 0.05 US doller per day.


  • Payment will be charged to the Store Account.
  • Subscriptions are managed by the user.
  • Refunds are NOT Accepted.
  • The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off before the end of the current period.
  • The unused portion of the free trial period expires when you purchase a subscription license.
  • To stop automatic renewal, you need to cancel at the store before the next billing.
  • Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.
  • For details on cancellation and suspension, refer to the help of the store.

How to Purchase a Subscription License

Follow the steps below to purchase a subscription license.

  1. Select "License Management" from the main menu of this application to open the "License management" screen.
  2. Click the "Purchase" button of the item to purchase on the "License management" screen. (Please click the "Detail" button first to understand the contents of the license before purchasing.)
  3. A purchase confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Please confirm the license name, period, price, etc., then click the "Subscribe" button to forward the purchase procedure.
    If there is a "FREE Trial period" (first time only) in the corresponding item, the amount will be 0.
    * Payment is via the App store, so you may need to sign in to the app store.
  4. After the purchase process, you will be able to check, cancel, or suspend your purchase by using the "Subscription Management" function on the "License management" screen.
* Here, we have described how to purchase from within this application, but there is a possibility that you can purchase from Google Play application etc. in the future.
* The subscription license is managed by the user, so the user must cancel the subscription. Please note that even if you uninstall the application, it will not be canceled.

Cancellation method of Subscription License

Subscription licenses are under your control. Therefore, it will be automatically renewed until the user cancels within the deadline, and billing will be charged for each deadline.
To cancel your subscription license, follow these steps:

  1. Select "License Management" from the main menu of this application to open the "License management" screen.
  2. Select the "Subscription Management" item on the "License Management" screen to open the "Google Play's Subscription" screen.
  3. On the "Google Play subscription" screen, select this application and "Cancel". (Please cancel, not pause etc.)
*Here, I described the cancellation method from within this application, but I think that you can also cancel from the Google Play application etc.

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