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(for Android)

It is important that attach a time limit to achieve a dream and an aim.

This application helps with the management of the time limit to achieve your dream and aim.
Of course it can do a dream, the management except the aim.

You confirm the time until a time limit frequently, and let's do its best towards an aim!

Can purchase this product now in Google Play Store(Android Market).
The access in the market application is here

- Dream list screen -

With this screen, display the list of a dream and the aim.

When a dream is not registered, nothing is displayed.
Push the menu key to register a dream, and please choose "Create".

Display a timer screen when you tap a dream-item.

Can edit it, when you push and hold a dream-item for a few seconds.(ex. edit, delete)

The following items appear when you push the menu key.

- About icon colors -

A colored timer icon is displayed to the left side of the dream item of the list of dreams screen.

The meanings of the color of the timer are as follows.

Normal time. (please do its best to achieve a dream)
When a dream is completed. (please do its best towards the next dream)
Time beyond the time limit when you set it. (please do its best early to achieve a dream)

- Timer screen -

With this screen, display the time until a time limit for dream.
You may recognize the remaining time until a time limit quickly.

There are the following items on the menu.

Because the color can appoint RGB( red, green, each value of blue) in the range of 0-255, you can set 170,000 colors or more theoretically.

The points that you can set are as follows.

- Dream settings screen -

With this screen, registration and the edit of the dream are possible.
Input an necessary item, and it enables registration to push the "Done" button.

What you can set is as follows.

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