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(for Android)

This application makes a terminal a simple flashlight!

The light uses the backlight of the screen.

The main functions to offer are as follows.

Will be usable in the following uses.

In addition, you will have various how to use depending on a thought!

Can purchase this product now in Google Play Store(Android Market).
The access in the market application is here

"Brighter Free" of the free copy version is downloadable.
The access in the market application is here

- Main screen -

This screen is displayed when start application.
With this screen, display it with set brightness, the color of the screen.
Back-light becomes the screen of the most high brightness with white at the time of the first indication.

There are the following items on the menu.


- About brightness -

There is a limit to the minimum of the brightness.
The reasons are as follows.

- About screen color -

Because the color can appoint RGB( red, green, each value of blue) in the range of 0-255, you can set 16,777,216 colors or more theoretically.


- About free version -

The free copy version(Brighter Free) and difference of the pay version are only differences without / with the advertisement.

The advertisement communicates frequently, and it continues being displayed by a screen.
Please think about the purchase of the pay version when you think that an advertisement is obstructive.

Please feed back.
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