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- Press Release -

The "Wrix" for iOS has been Released!

SkyArts announced the "Wrix" for iOS was announced on July 26, 2014.

It is the following products for iOS to have announced.


- About Wrix -

It is a Multi-Function TextEditor App that has been developed from scratch with the goal of making a Text Input/Edit comfortably.
It can be used in the center of the Text editing works as creating Notes, e-mail, and Text created.

It is equipped with many useful features Launcher Panel and Select-mode, Drag and Drop, Undo/Redo (Unlimited Number of Times), Key Macros, and Line Mark.
In addition, since it Built-in a Multi-Function File Manager, it can be done comfortably file management.

Because it is equipped with a High-Performance Launcher, can be sent the Text you have edited to Another Application.
For example, you can open by setting the Text Edited in the body of the e-mail of the Mail Application.

The name of the app is called "Wrix" ("Wrikes") and in conjunction with the "Write" and "Likes".
As the name suggests, we put a lot of useful features think want to Text editing.
Useful features of these can be called quickly and comfortably by using the shortcut key and launcher panel.

It is equipped with Unique Features various Text Input to allow comfortable use when using both the External Keyboard and the Software Keyboard. So, please enjoy a comfortable Text Editing.

The Main Function of this App has to offer is as follows.
Note: Some functions require a License.

  • Comfortable Text Editing environment.
  • Select-mode for Easy Text Selection.
  • Supports editing of Multiple Documents.
  • Undo / Redo (Unlimited Number of Times)
  • Highlighting, Regular Expression, Replaced possible Search function.
  • Key Macro that can automate the key operation.
  • Drag and Drop.
  • Launcher Panel that can be called a function quickly.
  • Key Shortcut.
  • Line Mark function to ease line movement.
  • Variety of tools. (File Manager, Internal File Browser, Built-in Dictionary Search, Pasteboard Information, QR code Reading / Generation, etc.)
  • Built-in Web server (WebDAV support).
  • The Cursor Controller that can be easily Cursor movement.
  • Text insertion function that can be quickly inserted the Text you have Registered.
  • Launcher Button Panel for moving the cursor.
  • Can be changed, such as the Color of the Editing Area.
  • Allows the use of Emoji.
  • Because it does not display the Edit menu of the OS, the input can be comfortable.
  • In cooperation with Built-in Dictionary, can be quick Dictionary Search.
  • Line Number display.
  • Can be saved by changing the Character code, a Newline code.
  • Character code specification, and can be read in the file Auto-Detect.
  • Various conversion function of character. Case conversion, Full-width Half-conversion, such as Katakana Hiragana conversion.
  • Prepare for Move command, Select command, a Delete command.
  • Tab indentation, Reverse indentation.
  • Show character Information and information of the Cursor Position.
  • Show the Information of the Selected range.
  • The special display Tab, Double-byte Space, a Newline character.
  • Creating a ZIP file, Unzip it. It supports Password-protected.
  • It can be viewed in QuickLook the File you are managing.
  • Can be sent to Another Application, to Another iOS terminal file.
  • Can be sent to Another Application such as a Text.

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- Screen Shots -

More Screenshot Here.


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- About -

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It is trying hard every day for the purpose of development of Java application which is valid for the world, and Java contents development for a cellular phone and PDA is concentrated on especially now.
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