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- Press Release -

The "NeoCalcs" for iOS has been released!

SkyArts announced the "NeoCalcs" for iOS was announced on Apr 15, 2014.

It is the following products for iOS to have announced.


- About NeoCalcs -

This app is a multi-function calculator application that allows multiple calculations.
Because it is equipped percent calculation and arithmetic operations is a function of basic calculator, and a memory function, it can also be used as an ordinary calculator.
For multiple calculations can be, can easily compare calculation the shop which is like, or money at the same time.

The ability to change the color keys, key images, can be used by setting the color of choice!
Number of colors that can be specified 16.77 million colors or more theory!

The new launcher key installed, you can call the function quickly and easily!
Work efficiency will go up significantly if you register your function you use frequently!
This new launcher key is comfort to be a habit and get used to!

  • The main function of this app has to offer is as follows.
  • Four arithmetic operations
  • Memory function
  • Delete keys that can be easily corrected and input mistake
  • The percent key to make it easy and consumption tax calculation
  • Plus / Minus key
  • New launcher that can be called a key feature to quickly and easily
  • Auxiliary display function that displays the memory value and progress of calculation
  • UI tab can switch between multiple calculations
  • Described and notes in the name for each calculator tab (document)
  • Save the calculation recorded in the for each calculator (document)
  • Copy and Paste the value (Also compatible with the format)
  • Format setting value of Display
  • Ability to send a value to the external application, such as mailer
  • Multifunctional launcher function can call various functions external application quickly
  • Can change the color key, such as a key icon


- Screen Shots -

More Screenshot Here.


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- About -

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It is trying hard every day for the purpose of development of Java application which is valid for the world, and Java contents development for a cellular phone and PDA is concentrated on especially now.
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