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- Press Release -

The "NeoFiler" for Android version 4.0 has been released!

SkyArts announced the "NeoFiler" for Android version 4.0 was announced on Feb 3, 2012.

It is the following products for Android to have announced.

Can download the "NeoFiler" from Android Market.
Can download the "NeoFiler Free" from Android Market.

Amazon Appstore version is pending.

- New functions for version 4.0 -

  • Text editor features, the following changes were made.
    • Added functionality gestures.
    • Added a gesture button.
    • Added by dragging the cursor movement functions.
    • Added the ability to be able to search using regular expressions.
    • Added the ability to call the Search History.
    • Treatment was changed when replacing the cursor movement. (Do a replace and search.)
    • Added the ability to convert Japanese characters. (Half width / Full width Japanese KANA)
    • Added ability to specify fonts that are pre-installed.
  • Added the ability of JavaScript to the browser's built-in log view.
  • Fixed the display of the font list in paint features.

- About NeoFiler -
This application is multi-function file manager & multi-function memos application. Easily manage a system and the file in the SD card, the folder and offer the function that you can edit.

Various editing files and folders (copy, move, rename, delete), as extracting file creation / Compression, Encryption / decryption of the file (AES 256bit) can be.

Multi-functional text editor, paint / handwriting memo, browser(Local files can be viewed), memo, etc. are built! Be useful in various situations in addition to file management.

This application can use the following functions.

  • List the file / folder. (List / Grid, Incremental search, etc.)
  • The editing of the file and the folder. (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete etc.)
  • Sort out items. (name order, last update order, size order)
  • The compression of the file and the folder. (Zip file format)
  • The extracting of the compressed file.(ZIP, JAR, GZ, TGZ, TAR, BZ2, TBZ2)
  • The email attachment of the file.
  • The search of the file / folder.
  • Bookmark function (moved folder and file browsing more efficient)
  • Decrypt / encrypt the file (AES 256bit)
  • The MIME-Type management. (Include MIME-Type database)
  • The viewing of various files. (Can use outside applications)
  • The editing of the text file. (built-in Multi-function text editor)
  • The viewing of HTML file. (It is equipped with Web browser)
  • The task management of the system. (Built-in the task management application)
  • The voice memo.
  • Handwritten memo, Paint function.
  • Shortcut function. (Create & Launch)
  • Saving or opening the attached file of the email.
  • It is called by outside application and opens a file.

- About NeoFiler Free -

We distribute "NeoFiler Free" of the free copy for the following purposes.

  • To have you know the function of the pay version.
  • For the person who cannot purchase a pay version.

For reasons of the above, the function does not change with a basically pay version. But there is an advertisement.

- Screen shots -

more screenshot here.

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- About -
SkyArts is the company of the expert group of Java. It is engaged in the soft development by various Java, such as Applet and Servlet, etc., and consulting and software development are heard.
It is trying hard every day for the purpose of development of Java application which is valid for the world, and Java contents development for a cellular phone and PDA is concentrated on especially now.
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